BoardPAC is the most user-friendly solution for paperless digital Board Management.

Easy to useMeeting documents and feedback are digitalized for easier access and archiving.

Secure Secure access of encrypted data with customisable security policies.

Collaborative BoardPAC tools provided are meant for collaboration, quicker decision making and easy feedback on meeting documents.

Paperless View and update documents in real time on a tablet to reduce printing of meeting documents.

Who benefits from BoardPAC?

Board Directors, Executive Members or Members of Meetings

  • Members of a meeting are able to access meeting documents and supplementary information directly on their iPad device.
  • All comments and feedback are available for view by the recipient stakeholders.
  • Works seamlessly across all devices from iPads, Android tabs, Windows Tabs to Mobiles.

Company Secretaries & meeting organizers

An effective Company Secretary or meeting organiser requires an automated solution to manage and organise a productive meeting:

  • Secure distribution of papers and circulars
  • Ability to carryout versioning of papers and circulars
  • Meeting Minutes and task tracking with ease
  • Ability to carry out 'presentation mode' for controlled access to meetings by members

Comply with security standards and policies

The topmost priority for large listed companies and specifically banking and financial institutions is the compliance to security standards and policies. The evaluation of a board portal cannot proceed beyond this mandatory step.
Starting with the ISO27001 which is a must for data security processes to be in place with the quality levels expected in the organization, the encryption of AES 256 at transit and at rest, three-tier architecture compliance along with the firewall and such secure systems infrastructure, commitment to carry out vulnerability assessments and penetration testing at a regular intervals to continue security upgrades and more aspects are critically important.
Some special aspects to consider are that if your company data storage security policies do not allow cloud-based storage, then to verify that on-remise storage options are available.
Both on-premise hosting and SaaS cloud hosting are offered by BoardPAC to support varied needs of regions and industry sectors which required different levels of compliances.

User Friendly Interface

The audience for board meetings is unique and therefore the intuitiveness of the solution for board members to use with minimal training and assistance is a must.
The ease of navigation to the meeting with a simple click, the ease of setup and upgrades are all part of this careful evaluation step that takes place.
BoardPAC’s interface has been designed with special design inputs to meet the requirement of board members and executive committees.

Multiple Device Platforms

The accessibility on iPads or other cross-platform devices becomes important based on the audience which may need to access via Windows, Android or other platforms. Majority of Boards have opted to use iPads. Senior executive meetings have opted for multi-device support including Windows and some with Android, while the phone is used for urgent matters as an Adhoc measure of approvals or reviews. BoardPAC is offered across all platforms from iPad, Windows, Android and smartphones.


Board Portals have a standard set of features while the more sophisticated solutions have further subtle refined features which offer a highly intuitive experience for the user. Such functionality is identified by using a trial and comparing and may not be obvious to the evaluator by reading a feature set. Such subtle features set the solutions in the industry apart while at first glance all solutions may appear to have the same set of features.
Instant synchronization of meeting material and collaboration, Annotation of papers by members, sharing annotated papers, secure encrypted chat facility are functionalities that are at the heart of the solution to help board members use the solution just as they would with the paper packs. BoardPAC offers such functionality and more.
Enterprise-grade solutions which have banks and larger companies as the core audience have a high degree of intuitive features which assists the corporate office and the board members of larger companies to operate with ease and intuitively in comparison to the board portals offering the services to smaller a medium sector companies.
BoardPAC has the largest number of top banks using the solution for board meetings with the highest compliance to such features needed by the large enterprises including banks and financial institutions.
Integration with the active directory (AD), ability offer on-premise with compliance to higher levels of security policies too need to be considered. BoardPAC offers such functionality and flexibility.


Once you are satisfied with the top four priorities complied with, then the fifth priority of pricing is to be considered. The Board Management solution pricing for enterprise-grade solutions do not vary hugely and has become somewhat standard over the years of maturity. Pricing is commonly offered with monthly per-user pricing or annual per-user pricing models with a minimum commitment period to maintain such pricing structure. We urge you to watch out for cheaper solutions in the market which are focused on provision of board portal solutions to smaller companies or NGOs which may have a lower pricing model which will also reflect in the service levels and feature offering accordingly as it will not provide the fullest compliance to the needs of the large enterprise company boards with the large volumes and enterprise requirements.

BoardPAC is the most awarded board portal solution with industry recognition of its high-quality outstanding achievements in security, service quality and innovation.

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