Saving your customers and employees time through conversational experiences providing efficiency, convenience and instantaneous answers.

Machine Learning

A bot that uses machine learning to help businesses scale support and grow by automatically answering customers’ most frequently asked questions. Let’s businesses tap into the magic of AI and see value from bots by combining a powerful machine learning engine with an easy-to-use tool.

Conversation & Language

Leverages conversation data and Natural Language Processing to identify and group the kinds of common questions most easily answered by the bot. It uses machine learning to instantly provide the answers customers need, speeding up response time, scaling customer support, and improving the customer experience overall. Increased automation doesn’t mean decreased personalization and our automation tools prioritize the customer experience by combining the brilliance of humans with the scale and cost efficiency of bots.


Customer Experience

Put your customer at the centre of everything while designing conversational experiences. Customer service chatbots and virtual assistants, designed around the concept of human + AI collaboration, transform every field of customer experience including informational, transactional, and advisory support.

Customers use chatbots to find out information regarding a product, service or just a general inquiry instead of the user searching the site for hours to find the info they need. The most unbelievable thing is that chatbots can actually get smarter, they can learn from previous conversations, so they continue to become more effective. Therefore, the more knowledge it gains, the better it is able to answer future customers questions.


Employee Experience

Custom chatbot solutions for enterprise applications to create efficient and seamless employee experiences with the power of conversational AI. Enterprise applications are designed around the concept of letting employees address their needs faster, without the expense of productivity loss. Empower your employees with artificial intelligence, ensure them to create more value for the business.

Your employees can interact with a virtual HR Colleague to gather info, answer questions and complete any time-consuming HR tasks or receive some friendly reminders.

Speeds up and simplifies IT help desk experience for your employees by resolving issues and answering questions in real-time by developing your own IT virtual staff.


Support Agent Experience

Chatbots and virtual assistants escalate customer interactions to a live agent seamlessly and contextually. The live agent can see the complete conversation history and provide the best service efficiently. Allows the human-to-bot transfer as well if it is more efficient for a task to be performed by the bot. A two-sided interaction between human & AI is an important feature of an advanced conversational AI system. AI can be present in every live agent conversation, collect data from the sources much more quickly and suggest an accurate response much faster than a human. The agent can send the answer just by one click.


Better “Citizen Experience”

Drive digitization in public services through the possibilities of conversational AI.

Helps governments to provide the citizens an easy and instant way to reach public services, receive answers to their questions and perform basic actions to benefit from the facilities.

AI-based chatbots help governments to make public services more accessible and transparent

Today’s consumer expects a digitized, fast and seamless experience from any sector whether it is private or public. The conversational mode of interaction is penetrating everywhere rapidly as it provides natural, simple, and 24/7 interactions.

Multichannel Usage

Multichannel Usage

Options and capabilities in terms of channels, citizens can reach public services by using a chatbot through the websites, mobile apps, voice / chat platforms and social media accounts – wherever the public institution prefers to be present.


Bring FAQs to life

Considering that public services target the whole population, it is important to increase efficiency while enabling every citizen to reach any information instantly. Therefore, chatbots create a great value by answering FAQs in thousands of topics regarding any domain such as education, health, transportation, tourism, foreign trade.


Completing Transactions

Some transactions are basic and simple but huge in numbers as far as the public services are concerned. Citizens can complete simple transactions, fill forms, set appointments, apply for some services through AI-based chatbots instantly without searching in menus, waiting in IVR queues or physically visiting the offices.